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Currently we cannot accept any orders from overseas.

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This is Japan Paper-art Association official online shop Atelier Heartful.

We are happy to ship orders abroad.

When you order  items from our shop, you will shortly receive an email to confirm your order which includes the shipping cost. The shipping cost on the email is for domestic delivery. So we will send another email to amend the shipping cost for your order. The shipping cost will include actual postage and handling charge.
It might be quite expensive especially if you buy craft punches because of the weight.
It might take some time to send an email with correct shipping cost because of time difference or some other reasons.

Please be advised that if you are ordering from a country outside of Japan, you may be charged customs fees. We have no control over the amount of customs that you are charged. Please consider this when placing an order.

Payment can only be made through bank transfer. (Japan Post Bank)

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Materials and tools
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